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UX, UI, Development, Branding


Kreyol Moden


Ending the stigma surrounding vaginal health and empowering women to live confidently.

Taking a safe, natural approach to femcare and chronic vaginal issues, VeeFresh offers relief to women who experience sexual wellness challenges via curated formulas and products that are safe to use in their bodies.


The challenge was to create a visual experience that was Vibrant, bold, and reflective of their consumers. We created a strong online experience and flow that introduced the personality and traits of the everyday customer. 


A safe space for girl talk

During the discovery phase we decided to take the direction of the design from a simple organic layout to a bold, unapologetic design. The hero image of a woman wearing roller skates set the tone and energy for the website.

The signature teal color used throughout the brand and website conveys a sense of calmness, acceptance and optimism. We combined the vibrant, bold colors with the optimistic and introspective teal as a great representation of Veefresh consumers.

Gradual Flow

In order to create a seamless user experience we took a look at Veebabes, a FB group for all of their consumers. Looking at the data we created a flow that guided customers through a conversational story. We approached the redesign with customer empathy in mind, gradually bringing them into the shopping experience.

mobile ui

Representation Matters

Veefresh wants their audience to feel “Seen”. Leading with a simple carousel in the hero showcasing real women dealing with real “v” issues played an integral role in fulfilling their mission. The VF audience is comprised of women who support body positivity and appreciate representation, accountability, sustainability, community, and transparency.

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