Kreyol moden

In order to preserve the culture and strength of Haiti, we need to keep it alive.




UX/UI, Development, Branding, Print Design


Kreyol Moden

Learn how Haitian ancestors created a language
in the 17th century that stands on its own.
Today, 15 million people still speak Haitian Creole, a language passed down from generation to generation. Kreyol Moden was born out of a desire to provide a bridge between Haitian culture and the world, supporting Haiti’s land and people and preserving the mother tongue.

Textbook Design

Creating a gateway of knowledge, culture, and history digestible for all via a 500-page textbook.

In order to create a textbook that has a sense of engagement, that is true to the culture of Haiti and that is scholarly, the Aviena Sky team brought together our knowledge of typography, graphic design, and layout design.

Identity Design (HCLS)

UI Details

desktop ui

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant and visually appealing home screen. The layout is clean and modern, with a combination of lively colors and simple yet elegant typography that reflects the vibrant culture of Haiti.

about the design

Kreyol Moden is a sleek and user-friendly web experience designed to help you learn and master Haitian Creole effortlessly. The use of whitespace and well-defined sections creates a sense of clarity and helps users focus on the lesson content without distractions.

With its intuitive user interface, Kreyol Moden offers a seamless and engaging learning experience for students. 



UI Deep Dive Details


Color Scheme & Fonts









Tools & Tech Used